In Defense of Aregawi Berhe
By Getachew Reda
July 20, 2003
"Wodi-MiAmin Mikktar Zereba Imber Mikkital Zereba AyiFeliTTin" (Tigrigna Proverb)


This commentary is in response to one of the last few remaining cadres of EPRDF Meles Zenawi’s, Ato “Zeru Hagos”, who is based in San Jose, California, and posted defamatory article against Ato “Aregawi Berhe”. His defamation is posted on his (EPRDF’s) Aiga website with the heading: “Grim Realities of our time: A Commentary On Aite Aregawi Berhe.” (July 14/2003) - a day after Ato Aregawi Berhe held a townhall meeting in San Jose, California.

Ato Aregawi Berhe is a well know figure. He was one of the founders of TPLF, and he is still a popular figure in the Ethiopian politics as the founding father and leader of Tigrai Alliance for National Democracy (TAND).

Aregawi is credited with showing tireless effort to bring all opposition parties together for this coming general conference. Therefore Aregawi is one of the leading members of the “APC” participants. All Ethiopian Opposition Parties are group of ‘opposition political parties”, who are working hard to come to work together first among themselves, so that they can be able to strategize how to organize the Ethiopian people to take “power” from the Eritrean agent Meles-led government, and giveback the power to the people.

Based on the slogan “ Together, We Win; Separately, We Fail” campaign all over North America, Ethiopians in the Bay Area too had a public gathering with our AP representative speakers Ato Wendayahu Kassa (AEUP, former AAPO) and Ato Aregawi Berhe (TAND), and of course our guest speaker, Dr.Taye Woldesemayat (President of ETA).

This APC discussion with the Ethiopians in the Bay Area was held on July 13/ 2003 at Masonic Dr, San Jose, Ca. The discussion started at noon and ended at 21:45 (9:45PM). The discussion was impressive! There were well over 400 people to my estimation (you can only see such number during Musical Festivals), the highest number of people who voluntarily showed up for political, country-concerning meeting. is less than 100; the average number of people was always less. The hall was packed with Ethiopians from all over the Bay area and I am very excited.

Now let me take you back to Ato Zeru Hagos.

People, who were not in the hall, reading Zeru Hagos’s defamatory propaganda may mistake it for a true report. The author of the defaming article, Zeru Hagos, himself, might too felt shocked, how Getachew Reda came to know who the author is. The author was sitting next to me. And I was the one who purposely led him to sit next to my left side. On my right side, there were also diehard Meles supporters, contacting eye to eye with author of “Grim Realities of Our Time”. It was indeed a victory to us, and a shocking moment to those who hope the Eritrean agent would stay long in power.

I invite readers to check the EPRDF website “Aiga” to read the EPRDF cadre’s commentary on Ato Aregawi Berhe posted on July 14/2003.

Aregawi Berhe, one of the leading founders of TPLF, was watching closely Meles Zenawi and his adviser Sibhat Nega’s activities and behaviors for the last twelve years. Aregawi has shown his strength to all Tigrians, that he is not the hooligan who can fail easily to the foot of Meles Zenawi’s power participation on the nation’s auction to Eritreans.

Aregawi, slowly but surely assured his strong Ethiopiawinet nationality, by proving his purer “Meles Zenawi” as one who was anti Ethiopia not Aregawi Berhe. NOW! Meles is sinking in a very difficult predicament, where he and his closer cadres are isolated from Tigrians. The only remaining means to isolate the opposition Tigrians (TAND, Solidarity,, Ethiopian Commentator, Dejen Radio..And other Tigrian opposition sectors and individuals) from the Tigrian people is using his old tactics. And that is- “ using his remaining hooligan, anti Tigrian and anti Ethiopia and pro Eritrean assigned Cadres.

His cadres are well trained “Ducks and chameleons” on dividing the Tigrians “pitting one Tigrian against another Tigrian. Just like he is doing to the other nationalities of Ethiopians.

If anyone read the EPRDF organizational structure and operation –section 1.1.1 Sub-bodies under the Propaganda Committee, it does have five sections. One of the sections is Cadres and members training, and recruiting and monitoring of cadres and CADRES “MONITORING” CIVIC ASSOCIATIOS.

This propaganda body does have a representative branch that conducts foreign activities (to monitor opposition political gatherings and activities) and someone is assigned to do this work in the Diaspora. Zeru Hagos is part of this assignment who is in charge of “Monitoring and disinforming,” using Aiga website located here.

This is what Zeru Hagos’s attempt is, by attacking Aregawi Berhe “hoping” to “isolate” him from Tigrians. The only differences of Zeru being an assigned cadre in the Diaspora in comparatively with the assigned cadre in Ethiopia is the cadres in Ethiopia are free to shoot any opposition resistance like Assefa Maru. Zeru Hagos can’t murder Aregawi Berhe in San Jose, CA. Zeru can only do is defaming Aregawi in his Aiga website. Period! Zeru knows it well, what the consequence will be if he tried it.

What is Zeru saying? And what did Aregawi said?


“I had known Mr. Aregawi Berhe as a strong iron man during the early days of the TPLF. I could never imagine this man would be in the predicament he is in today. Today Aite Aregawi is touring side by side with a known Tigray basher.” End of quote

The first reaction why Zeru Hagos is having “grand mal-convulsion” to attack Aregawi Berhe is---“why he is touring with an Amharan Ethiopian instead of touring with a Tigrian”.

If Aregawi could have touring side by side with Zeru’s bosses with the known anti Tigrian and pro Eritrean agents Meles Zenawi and Seyoum Mesfin, {“Zeru”}- will never have a convulsion, that forced him to post a defaming article against Aregawi Berhe.

Who is the man smeared by Zeru Hagos as known Tigrian basher? The person who is touring side by side with our brother Aregawi Berhe is Ato Wendayahu Kassa.

Ato Wondayahu as I try to explain above, in brief, is a strong Ethiopian, very sociable, a friend of many Tigrians, who help Tigrians to get the appropriate education and equally with his other brothers and Ethiopian sisters, a man who worked friendly with other Tigrian teachers and Directers for many years all his life.

The man is full of truth. The man himself is a victim of TPLF/EPRDF racist policy and conspiracy. As the result of TPLF/Meles racist anti Amhara policy, he was dragged into a darkest jail cell for four darkest years of his life in Addis Abeba Ethiopia, just a similar “fouls” accusation as to what Dr.Assrat and Dr.Taye were imprisoned for. Read--- (Wusha Nekeseng Bilew Lejib AyChohum” Ethiopian register magazine Februray, January, March, April….. 1998)

These proud Ethiopians (Dr.Taye, and Ato Wendayahu) are respected teachers. One is the chairman of the Ethiopian Teachers association and the other is a leading super intendant and high official in the Ministry of education, before the Bandas taking over the Ministary of education. Ato Wondaya was a former chairperson for AAPO--and currently a chairperson for the APC.

Among Mele’s “last” few remaining cadre “Zeru-hagos” is now accusing the victim of racism as a “Tigian basher”? The Tigrian proverb goes “TeriTa Tetahnkelka!” (Fes mefsatuwa sayhon Temelisa lelawun Festahal maletuwan Yale MaferWa geremenG).


“For Aite Aregawi to use derogatory term that belittled Tigreans in an open forum is simply un imaginable. But he did!. Responding to an agitated person question from the floor Mr Aregawi found no shame to reply using terms that are derogatory and out right insulting to Tigreans. An agitated person from the floor asked Aite Aregawi of his past. Instead of responding him appropriately Aite Aregawi replied telling the person why he is getting mad like a Tigre!. This coming from once known Tigray nationalist is surprising. In case Aite Aregawi has forgotten his roots and assumed one of his adopted country culture and norm I had like to inform him Tigreans are not hot tempered. They are far sighted and well meaning. Suffice to mention the political change the country is going through with the help of Tigreans who trekked all the way from Dedebit. Such undertaking could not be accomplished with a hot tempered leaders. A hot tempered person would show no mercy to a person like Aite Aregawi and company to live another day if readers know what I mean....”

As my heading proves Zeru Hagos’s splitting one single phrase (HAREG) from the speech of Ato Arehgawi’s entire respond and message and reversed it, into his own interpretation to defame Ato Aregawi Berhe, is ludicrous and lesser to the truth.

When Tigrians confront such sinister, inferior and sprinted (Chikul, KUNTSIL) commentator who simply keep taking splitting words apart from the mouth of a discussant out of the context with out conjugating the entire message- Our Tigrian ancestors are right on the mark when they say

“ Wedi MiAmin Zereba MiKKtar Imber Zerba MiKKital AyiFeliTin”

( Ye galemota Lij \*sirAt yegodelew*/ Neger MenTTek inji Negerin Meketel Ayawkim”) .

Read Zeru’s Quote below

“ Instead of responding appropriately he Ato Aite Aregawi replied telling the person why he is getting mad like a Tigre!”

The story below is the story that Zeru excluded from his story when he purposely wants to defame Ato Aregawi Berhe.

An individual from Tigray first stood and rashly accused speakers as anti Tigrian, for using the word “WOYANE”. And went on out of his way talking rubbish. Ato Aregawi Berhe corrected the tempered individual, that there is no reason for him (the Tigrian fellow) to be upset by bringing improper and UN necessary package of talk to the discussion. Aregawi continuing comforting and assuring the individual, that if anybody using such word “WOYANE”to critisize Meles doesn’t mean users of the word are insulting Tigrians. In clearing his argument Aregawi told the agitated Tigrian, “I” says Aregawi “I my self use the word “Woyane” when necessary to criticize Meles and his groups. He gave the man the definition of Woyane. Woyane is a word mean revolution.

Aregawi went on and made his line clear to the man, by saying –if you are talking about the first Woyane during King Hailesselasie; then there is nothing wrong with the revolution and uprising against repression. Such Woyane movement was not anti Ethiopia. It was Ethiopian movement against repression, seeking for justice. If people oppose that then we can discuss. Even, if they oppose,- that too, is their right to oppose and argue with us against our arguments (based on “we agree to disagree” principle) he added.

But this “Meles led woyane” we are talking presently is stricktely anti Ethiopia. And we have to fight it! Said Ato Aregawi assuring and comforting the agitated person from Tigray. The person was finally convinced and I saw the fellow, brotherly and friendly talking with Aregawi during dinner after the meeting. It was nice such agitated individual smiling and comfortably talking with Aregawi at last.

{For your information - All Tigrians except Meles's two “Red Hen and White Sheep” individuals, the rest were at the dinner Aregawi dining with them, comfortably and brotherly.}

The second person from another ethnic group stood and accused Aregawi as pro Tigrian from the beginning of his history of founding TPLF, and talk rubbish madly.

Ato Aregawi comfortably and with friendly smile and jokingly said- You have heard and seen my brother Tigrian sitting next to you before you stood what and how the way he was mad when he was talking to the other speakers. Now, I can see your anger at me just mad like our brother Tigrian here. Let us not use that “Kota, kota like the Tigrian brother here” and instead let us present our case. He responded Aregawi respond was amazingly mature and friendly.

Here the other part that “Zeru Hagos” pen name (want us to call him) did failed to mention, what bravely Aregawi defended the Tigrians and expose evidence with a referral document to the agitated person Zeru is referring to accusing Aregawi.

This is what Aregawi said:

“I can be pro Tigrian and pro anyone when ever I see injustice. You may or you may know, there was an organization by the name Ye Ethiopia Arbengoch Ginbar, established here in Oakland ( 30 minutes from San Jose). Its policy condemned Tigrians. Anyone one who have Tigrian blood, or married to Tigian or associated with Tigrian can’t be a member of the organization”.

Aregawi referring the article and its page number, so the agitated man can believe him. Aregawi continued, “ ….that there are many racist groups that hate Tigrians too. Therefore, it is reasonable if you see some Tigrians getting mad and react, seeing and reading such proclamation from people claim as pro Ethiopia is sad!” He concluded, defending Tigrians and condemning all kind both sides of racism.

That was the story! Now tell me where, if Aregawi is insulting or bashing Tigrian people. Why Zeru wants to deceive the Tigrians is very clear. Aregawi is increasingly becoming the headache of Meles Zenawi. Meles can’t afford Aregawi to be increasingly popular in the Tigrian people at this moment of time. Meles and Sibhat know why they push him out of office in 1975 and replaced by Sebhat. That is what their cadre Zeru Hagos is doing the job in the Diaspora as their last remaining Cadre doing the unfinished job of 1975.

Let me challenge this my self, so we can talk the truth. - - (Regarding our Character) I speak, as you all know with no fear, only I fear the truth. And the truth sometimes must be told. And this is the truth.

We Tigrians came from the heroes and herons of Tigrian ancestors. Tigrians are far sighted and well meaning, well organized (true). When we are talking the proud Tigrians which Tigrians are we talking about?. The present Tigrians? The innocent villagers? Or the new Tigrian generation? Or our proud Tigrian ancestors?

We, the present Tigrians who are the new generation (leave aside the mothers and our innocent fathers and farmers of Tigray alone, who are strictly away, and free, from the trickery and sinister works of the new Tigray young generation) are different from our proud Tigrian ancestors.

We have devalued their effort and heroic works and history. We destroyed it! Is it not true? We gave their land and seaports away to their natural enemies! Is it not true? We waved and kissed and bowed for the flag of our natural enemies EPLF (Italian promised flag)! Is it not true? We gave deaf ear, when Meles Zenawi devalue and lower down our ancient and longest survival history to “one hundred” years old. Is it not true? Who tortured thousands of innocent farmers? We murdered each other; we are hot temper- is it not true?

Who killed thousands of Tigrians in Sudan-Gedaref, Inguljja, Tuwaba, Umra-Kuba, Medeni, and Khartoum? Who destroy and burn thousands of refugee “grass house” while children, sick and elder Tigrians sleeping inside with a match of fire? Who slaughter and slit the throat of Tigrians in those refugee camps with sharp knife? We did! We! We! We! We, the Tigrians! No body but us the Tigrians each other. TPLF Tigrians between EDU Tigrians! Is this not” hot temper”? Hot temper only? This is crazy! Oxymoron!


”a hot tempered person would show no mercy to a person like Aite Aregawi and company to live another day if readers know what I mean….” Syas Ato Zeru Hagos; Yes we know what you meant sir! We, see the evidence above. History had recorded it, how hot temper person does to his brother! I can discuss dozens of evidence how hot we are, during political discussions. I have seen many people bitten physically and murdered and harassed by telephone – simply for viewing their differences with your party TPLF Mr. Zeru!!!! Ha!?

We are both Tigrians Aregawi and I am from Tigray. You may or you may not know- my mother is the great grand daughter of one of the top feudal lords of Tigray. Though, she led her all life poor with my poor father, due to rivalries and family carelessness lost lands to hot tempered like them! I never like or never talk about my great ancestors whom blood I am from. Since I never trust or value any of it! Few know who I am. I lived “poor” all my life and I loved it!

No need to go to talk about Aregawi’s family. He is from the popular top rulers. So who are you to tell us, that you love Tigray than we do? Who are you to tell us you are more Tigrian but BAD APLE the rest of us? Don’t you think Aregawi care equally to Tigrians as you do (if at all you have the true love)?

Zeru Hagos - is complaining for Aregawi using the word “mad”, “hot temper”?! Zeru should have stop misinform the public with his distorted and rubbish fabrication, and start remind his Banda bosses to be held responsible for the above temperament and craziness that pushed Tigrians to slaughter and hate each other? I keep thinking over and over to find an answer why such adult person came with obscured lie, and distorted information’s to misguide the entire population to divide us?! I don’t mind if person lie to unite, to make peace, among rivals to create understandings.

But, it is ridiculous and very dangerous, to pick a pinch of sentence zipping and leaving the entire picture behind and connected the fragmented sentence with his own fabrication sentence, and blow it, out of proportion for propaganda purposes is indeed sad! Zeru Hagos’s bosses lie to us, Badime and other unexpected extra lands were given to Ethiopia by the Border Commission. This “good for nothing” EPRDF cadre is again distorting things to alienate the opposition from Tigrians (specially to Meles Zenawi’s night mare Aregawi Berhe from Tigray).

Next- Quote:

“ Aite Aregawi informed the audience why Paris one and Paris two failed. Duh! Would have said my teen age son”

I pray for your son not to serve the Bandas as you do with no hesitation and shame that sold and present our “ancestor’s” sea ports, Ship, Boats and lands for auction to our enemies.

“ Does he think (Aregawi) the Ethiopian people are fool or what? How could any gathering of fools that insult a whole section of our people succeed? Says Zeru, questioning Aregawi Berhe;

If Zeru Hagos can called those patriots as “fools,” who refused to collaborate for “national treason” and “conspiracy”, beginning from the early stage of his guerrilla life: what will Zeru Hagos call himself, serving the ”Grand children of Sibagadis in collaboration with the children of rich Tigrian merchants, who started another feudal dynasty in Ethiopia, for the last twelve years, and to that end hoodwinked the tens of thousands of freedom fighters, the sons/daughters of poor farmers…. fight and die believing that they were fighting for justice?! When 99% Tigrians left TPLF/EPRDF condemning it as “Banda led organization”, the only “intelligent” person Tigray ever born “Zeru Hagos”, decided to serve and stay with the Bandas to the end of their hell. GUDAM AWAALOM!!

Quote :

“His friend (the guest speaker) thinks poverty from Tigray is contagious” Says Zeru, distorting the facts!

The speaker, or any Ethiopian didn’t say any thing similar to the above-distorted comment by Zeru. The quotation as distorted as you can imagine, was presented to the floor (the speaker to clear it) by a die hard Meles’s admirer who stood and ask, the speaker if the above-distorted comment by Zeru was meant said or no.

The answer from the speaker was “ brother, what are you talking about? Where did you hear such comment I said, that I said poverty from Tigray is contagious? I didn’t not saying what you just say. You are twisting it to your own interpretation. I never hate Tigrians! What I did say was-Meles born poor and grew poor and came out from poor area, and promised Tigrians and Ethiopians to prosper them. But brought worst poverty and disease and unemployment not heard of in the history of the nation” This is what I am saying. If you have a problem with this we can debate!”

Responded the guest speaker friendly. But, the guest speaker felt so sad, and impressed and shocked, amazed by the evilness of the person, the way he twisted the message to alienate the person from Tigrians as if he said it, for his EPRDF propaganda purposes ‘. Indeed it is sad, the person who ask this guest him self, is known anti Amhara hater. He, is responsible for a lot of Amhara and Ethiopian armies disappearance in Somalia and Djibouti (some people claim) Collaborating with the Somalians as a member of TPLF during his refugee life in the east African countries, (in their TPLF Bet- Tsihfet).

Such was well orchestrated. And Zeru was ready to pick his comrade’s distorted question like a “starved duck” and immediately prepare his propaganda commentary sleeplessly the same night and posted it in his EPRDF”s Aiga website. Ato Zeru! “Meles can’t think otherwise but poor” Yes, the speaker can be true, if he said it. What else can Meles think to Ethiopia other than how to make her poorer and poorer, as he put her the last poorest country in planet earth? Are you out of your mind?


“Such persons are the people that are leading the opposition forces to the Meles government.”

Indeed! Those are heroes of the people, who were imprisoned with a conspiracy of lie, by the Eritrea-n agents (known as Bandas). Those are the once who forced Meles Zenawi to confess and admitted his government is spoiled like a rotten fish from top head down!!! Shame on!!!!! No doubt, they will knock down over the Bandas any time now!


“ Let us hope Meles does not urn into a bad person” He is already bad. How bad do you want this Banada want to be? He gave away seaports, sold and gave our ship and bots free to our enemies and order the death and suffrage of our naval officers and armies in Yemen and Sudan and Eritrea, and elsewhere. How bad do you want him to be? He is the worst “Banda” Ethiopia ever saw in her history. SEHALI-NE-NE!!!!


“ These people will never see the day in Menelik Palace or DEGENA TIGRAY”

Zeru is talking about No one is allowed to come Tigray. He meant Degena ( Atir, gate, Ber). He is talking about us.

Aite Zeru! Do you know this Tigringa proverb?


Getachew Reda

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