Conference on Good Governance, Peace, Security, Sustainable Development in Ethiopia & the Horn of Africa
Organizers | March 27, 2010

Conference on Good Governance, Peace, Security,

Sustainable Development in Ethiopia & the Horn of Africa

Washington DC, 9-11 April 2010

Double Tree Hotel

300 Army Navy Drive, Arlington, VA, USA 22202

Tel: 1+ (703) 416-3846 Fax: 1+(703) 416-4147

Organized by

Advocacy for Ethiopia (AFE)


Ethiopian National Priorities Consultative Process (ENPCP)

Co-sponsors: Trans Africa Forum & Africa Action



9:00-10:00 Registration

10:00- 12:30 Plenary session

Opening and Welcome:

Ambassador (Ret) Imru Zeleke, Chairperson of ENPCP

Dr Gezahegn Bekele, Executive Director of AFE

Session chairs: Ambassador (Ret) Ayalew Mandefro and Dr Getachew Metaferia

Forum for Keynote Speakers and Guest Speakers:

Congressman Chris Smith (Expected)

A Representative from the US State Department (Expected)

A Distinguished Guest Speaker from Ethiopia (Expected)

Ambassador Princeton N. Lyman, Senior Fellow of CFR (Expected)

Mr. Gerald LeMell, Executive Director, Africa Action

Ms Emira Woods, Director Foreign Policy in Focus (IPS)

Discussants:-Professor Getachew Begashaw & Professor Berhanu Nega

12:30 – 1:30    LUNCH BREAK

1:30 -3:30       Guest Speakers: continuation

Session chair: Mrs Wassy Tesfa , (AFE)

(1)   Ambassador David Shinn, Former US Ambassador to Ethiopia,

Challenges facing the countries in the Horn of Africa

(2)   Professor Terrence Lyons, George Mason University,

Ethiopian Elections: Past and Future

(3)   Professor Emeritus Theodore Vestal, Oklahoma State University

Governance and Human Rights in Ethiopia

Discussant: Dr Aklog Birara

3:30-4:00        COFFEE BREAK

4:00-6:30        Panel Discussion: United States Policy towards Ethiopia

Session Chair: Dr Msmaku Asrat


(1)   Ms. Imani Countess, Senior Director for Public Affairs, TransAfrica

(2)   Ms. Niemat Ahmadi, Liason Officer, Save Darfur Coalition

(3)   US policy towards the Horn of Africa, Mr Gregory Simpkins, Vice

President for Policy & Program Development, Leon Sullivan Foundation.

(4)  Center for Strategic and International Studies (Expected)

(5)    Professor George Ayittey, Free Africa Foundation

Question and Answer

Discussant: Professor Berhanu Mengistu


9:00-12:00 Plenary Session

Welcome and Introduction: Mrs.  Wassy Tesfa (AFE)

Session Chair: Ato Negussie Mengesha,

Guest Speaker: Honorable Anna Gomes, Member of the European Parliament

Panel Discussion: Ideology and Political Governance

Session Chairs:- Professor Getachew Begashaw & Ato Negussie Mengesha


(1) Towards a political roadmap for peace & stability, Dr Msmaku Asrat

(2) The Ethiopian State and the elite: Past and Present, Dr Aregawi Berhe

(3) Ethiopia: the land of missed opportunities, Professor Berhanu Nega

(4) The dialectics of multi-cultural-ism: reconciling the two nationalisms,

Ato Jawar Siraj Mohammed

(5) The legacy of radicalism and the fragmentation of politics in Ethiopia,

Professor Messay Kebede

Question and Answer

12:00-1:00 LUNCH BREAK


Session #1 Venue #1 Eritrea and Ethiopia

Session Chairs: Professor Minga Negash and Ato Fekade Shewakena


(1) Time for Reflection: Taking stock of the costs of the status quo in Ethio-Eritrean relations and charting a new path forward,

Professor Shumet Sishagne

(2) New relationship between Eritreans & Ethiopians: A view from Eritrea,

Ato Amanuel Biedemariam

(3)   Access to the sea as a source of conflict and development,

Professor Getachew Begashaw.

(4)   Eritrea and Ethiopia:- peace and security, Professor Berhe Habte Giorgis

Question and Answer

Session #2: The Horn of Africa

Session chairs: Ato Kidane Alemayehu and Professor Messay Kebede

(1)   Peace and security in the Horn of Africa, Mr. Yussuf Kalib, Horn of Africa Peace and Development Center, Dallas, Texas

(2)   Ethnic federalism and one-party rule in Ethiopia:-Lessons for the Horn of Africa, Ato Ephrem Madebo

(3)   Can Ethiopia be the center of gravity for Horn of Africa peace, good governance and development? Professor Seid Samatar (Expected)

(4)   Prospects for the Horn of Africa confederation, Ato Gizachew Zewdu.

(5)   Development & environmental sustainability in the Horn of Africa,

Mr. Phil  Aroneanu, 350.0rg Climate Justice Movement

Question and Answer

3:00-3:20                    COFFEE BREAK


Venue Room #1: Conflict Prevention and Resolution

Session chairs: Mr. Jawar Siraj Mohammed & Dr Kassa Ayalew

(1)    Ethiopia in the New Millennium: Issues of Democratic Governance,

Dr Solomon Getahun.

(2)   Contemporary Ethiopian politics:- similarity and differences between Ethiopian political organizations, Ato Gizaw Legesse

(3)   Conflict resolution attempts by successive Ethiopian Governments, Professor Berhanu Mengistu.

(4)   Legal education as an instrument of conflict prevention,

Abigail Salisbury, J.D.

(5)   Three initiatives for conflict prevention & resolution,

Ambassador (Ret) Ayalew Mandefro

Question and Answer

Venue Room #2: Economic development & corporate governance

Session chair: Professor Seid Hassan & Ato Betru Gebregziabher

(1)   Unemployment, poverty and self employment in urban Ethiopia,

Dr Getinet Haile.

(2)    The pros and cons of leasing land to foreign investors,

Professor Alemlante Gebre-Selassie

(3)    The land grab in Ethiopia: economic, social and environmental consequences, Ato Fekade Shewakena

(4)   .The crisis of development theory and its implications for Ethiopia,

Dr. Fekadu Bekele (Expected).

(5)    The agency and ownership problems of Ethiopia’s political party owned enterprises:- some policy options, Professor Minga Negash

Question and Answer

5:20-7:20 Panel Discussion:-Government accountability and civil society

Session chair: Dr. Migenet Shiferaw


(1)   Dr. Erku Yimer & Dr Teshome Tadesse, On the role of civil society organizations in democratization and development.

(2)   Ms Agere Alehegn, “The Role of Civil Society in Promoting Women’s Participation in Political Organizations

(3)   Dr Abeba Fekade, Which roads Ethiopia; to justice, freedom and peace? A call to Ethiopian women.

(4)   Ms Yalemzewd Bekele Mulat, “The Impact of the Charities and Societies Proclamation No. 621/2009 of Ethiopia (the Civil Society Law) on the coming 2010 elections”

(5)   Ato Girmay Gizaw, “The Birtukan Factor”.

(6)   Ato Obang Metho, The campaign to end impunity in Ethiopia (Expected)

Question and Answer

SUNDAY, APRIL 11, 2010

10:00AM -12:15  PM   Panel Discussion

Venue Room #1 Panel Discussion: Politics, Freedom of the Press, the media

Session Chairs: W/o Tizeta Belachew & Ato Mulugeta Lule

(1)   United Front and Coalition  building: Lessons Learned, Dr. Mulugeta Syoum

(2)   Ethnic federalism and child health care outcomes in Ethiopia, Ato Henoch Fente

(3)   Press freedom, academic freedom and elections, Ato Abebe Gellaw

(4)   The Role Ethiopian Diaspora media, Ato Abebe Belew

(5)   TPLF’s media control and the freedom of Ethiopians,

Ato Tekle Mikael Sahle Mariam

Questions and Answers

12:00-1:30 Lunch with Honorable Anna Gomez

(Limited number of tickets are available, by request and invitation only)



Plenary Session

Opening and welcome:-Ato Neamin Zeleke,(AFE) Conference Coordinator

Guest Speakers #1:

(1)   Ms  Imani Countess, Senior Director for Public Affairs, Trans Africa

(2)   Hon Anna Gomez, Member of European Parliament

(3)   Mr Gregory Simpkins, Vice President for Policy & Program Development, Leon Sullivan Foundation.

(4)   Professor George Ayittey, Free Africa Foundation

Awards and Recognition:-  Courageous people and professions

Ethiopian Cultural show (Expected)



Panel Discussion: “Which way Ethiopia?”

Ethiopians chart a roadmap to democracy, peace and stability

Session chairs: Ato Betru Gebregziabher and Ato Negussie Mengesha

Reporters : Professor Seid Hassan and Dr Aklog Birara


Group #1:-

Ato Obang Metho, Ato Jawar Mohammed, Ato Abebe Gellaw, Dr. Abeba Fekade, Artist& Activist Tamagne Beyene,   Ato Birhanemeskel, Ato Tekelemarim Shalemariam

Dr Msmaku Asrat (ENPCP) and Dr Gezahegn Bekele (AFE)

Group #2:-

Lt. Ayal-sew Dessie, Professor Berhanu Nega, Dr Aregawi Berhe, and Professor Getachew Begashaw

Question and Answer

Statement on the Roadmap to Peace, Democracy & Development in Ethiopia


-Ambassador (Ret) Imru Zeleke (ENPCP) & Mrs Wassy Tesfa (AFE)

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Telephone number: 202-386-3037

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