Bahir Dar Rebel Attack Death Toll Rises to 14
Ethiomedia Update
May 14, 2013

News Update: 11:30 AM ET

BAHIR DAR (May 14) -- The death toll from the Sunday night rebel attack in Bahir Dar city rose to 14 on Tuesday after two more officials died in hospital, a rebel spokesperson has told Ethiomedia by phone.

The insurgent who was wearing a federal police officer uniform carried out the attack at Dashen House in Kebele 11, a highly secured place where officials hold weddings and other private parties. The headquarters of the ruling Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM) is also located there.

A senior ANDM official identified by his first name Tadesse was also killed at ANDM HQs the same night, the source added.

Tension has remained high as security men keep an eye on the movement of individuals in the idyllic city on the shores of Lake Tana.


A rebel disguised as "federal police officer" carried out Bahir Dar attack

News Update: 10:30 PM Eastern Time (May 13, 2013)

BAHIR DAR (May 14) - The government said a 'disgruntled' federal police officer was responsible for the deaths of at least 12 civilians in this resort town on Sunday night but rebels said on Monday it was one of them who was disguised as a policeman and gunned down 12 regional ruling party officials.

No other independent source has verified the news report.

Ethiopian Unity and Freedom Force (EUFF) said four women and a child were also killed during a crossfire opened to keep the retreating insurgent safe.

Radio Fana, a ruling party property, said the alleged killer was a disgruntled Federal Police officer believed to have died after jumping off the Blue Nile Bridge. Searches couldn't find the body, the radio added.

Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn condemned the killings, and vowed to launch investigations.

But counter to his words, state radio reported that seven of the civilians were buried about half a day later on Monday, and without disclosing their identity to the public.

The curious mind may ask, "Why the haste?"

EUFF has promised to release the list of those killed officials.

EUFF Claims Responsibility for Attack

BAHIR DAR, Northwestern Ethiopia (May 13) -- Twelve ruling party officials were killed and two wounded here in this resort city on the shores of Lake Tana on Sunday when rebels stormed a wedding and opened fire, a rebel spokesperson told Ethiomedia by phone on Monday.

The Ethiopian Unity and Freedom Force (EUFF), a rebel group that has been targetting the ruling EPRDF party officials and their businesses, claimed responsibility for the deadly attack. EUFF said the names of the officials killed and wounded would be released soon.

The news has not been verified by any other independent source.

All those killed were members of Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM), one of the four parties that make up the ruling EPRDF, in power since 1991.

The government has never acknowledged the existence of EUFF, despite suffering mortal blows.

Bahir Dar city, which is located about 580 km northwest of Addis Ababa, is known for its palm-lined avenues and is the leading tourist attraction in Ethiopia. Ethiopian Airlines maintains a daily flight to Bahir Dar, which boasts of the magnificent Blue Nile Falls and treasure-trove monasteries on the islands of Lake Tana.

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