Nejashi Justice Council decries EPRDF’s Complicit in Crackdown on Ethiopian Muslims
Press Release | July 14, 2012

Washington DC, July 14, 2012- The EPRDF’s security force stepped up a violent crackdown aimed at stifling the Ethiopian Muslims’ protest against government interference in their religion that has been going for almost a year.

According to information made available to Nejashi Justice Council, the security force started their attacks Friday night July 13, 2012 by raiding the Awolia and other Mosques in Addis Ababa and arrested scores of Muslims. Hundreds of Muslims in Addis Ababa have been unknown whereabouts and many are believed to have been assaulted and beaten by security forces.

At least four people have been reportedly killed during police crackdown. Nejashi Justice Council will make further investigation to reveal the name of the people who were killed and whether the victims shot dead or other related cause. The Ethiopian government actions against Muslims protesters have come at the time the Ethiopian Muslims are preparing to have “Sadaqa”, a massive gathering of millions to protest and pray in Awolia on Sunday.

Nejashi Justice Council believes that the aim of the government repression is evidently to terrorize the Muslims and permanently crush the legitimate demand of Ethiopian Muslims’ religious freedom. This ill-conceived act of the EPRDF’s regime deserves the strongest condemnation of all human rights concerned group in general and all Ethiopians regardless of faith and any background in particular.

The Nejashi Justice Council calls upon the International Human Right Concerned Groups and all Ethiopians regardless of faith and any background to join us in condemnation of the brutal crackdown against Ethiopian Muslims perpetrated by the EPRDF’s security force. We urge unequivocally Ethiopian government for the complete halting of harassing and persecuting Ethiopian Muslims for their legitimate constitutional demand of religious freedom. We also call upon the International Media to proper attention to Ethiopian government flagrant human right violation against Ethiopian Muslims.


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