The OLF Press Release on TPLF’s Mass killings of the Oromo Students.
By Oromo Liberation Front (OLF)
May 2, 2014

The Mass killing of the Oromo students who have peacefully protested against injustices in Ethiopia is only invigorate the Oromo people struggle for justice.

Since the last twenty three years , the Tigray Liberation Front (the TPLF) controls the state power in Ethiopia, the TPLF regime has targeted Oromo people in general and Oromo students in particular. The TPLF has arrested, tortured and killed thousands Oromo in the past twenty three years. The current sense less mass killings of Oromo students in different universities, like Ambo, Wallaga, Dire Dawa, Robe, Adamaa,Haramaya,Jimma , Illu , etc is the heinous crime that shocked the conscious of humanity.

The OLF strongly condemns such barbaric and egregious killing of innocent Oromo university students who have peacefully demanded the regime to halt the displacement of Oromo farmers from their Ancestral land and the inclusion of Oromo cities and surrounding localities under Finfinnee (Addis Ababa) administration under the pretext of development. Instead of responding for their genuine demands, the barbaric TPLF regime opted to massacre the Oromo students in broad day lights in the eyes of international community which have watched the agony and senseless killing through social media.

We want to remind the TPLF regime that, continuous torture, arrest and arbitrarily killing of the Oromo students will not stop the legitimate demands of Oromo students in particular and the Oromo people in general. Instead, the TPLF Action will invigorate the just struggle of Oromo people to decide their destiny in their home land. We call upon the OPDO to stand with the Oromo students and Oromo people in this historical gesture when the TPLF regime has engaged in killing the innocent Oromo people. Not doing anything and continue to work with the TPLF under this condition will make you (the OPDO) part and parcel of The TPLF crime against Oromo. We remind you that this is a high time for OPDO and its members to stand with the Oromo people genuine demands and constitutional rights guaranteed even under the TPLF (Ethiopian) constitution.

We also call upon all Oromo political and civil organizations and other political and civil organizations that claim they work to bring democracy and freedom in Ethiopia to condemn this heinous crime and stand with the legimate demands of Oromo students and the Oromo people.

Also, we urge all peace loving governments and people around the world to condemn this senseless killing of innocent Oromo students by Ethiopia regime, and stand with Oromo students’ and Oromo people who have been peacefully demanding for their legitimate rights from the Ethiopian regime. General Kamal Gelcuu , Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) Chairman

General Kamal Gelcuu ,
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