Roundtable Discussion on Ethiopian Migrants in the Middle East
Tadias magazine
December 12, 2013

Highlighting the recent tragedy of the loss of lives during Saudi Arabia’s crackdown on migrants, this roundtable discussion brings together panelists and experts on the status of Ethiopian workers in the Middle East. The roundtable will include discussion of long-term solutions to alleviate the plight of migrants in gulf states and enhance their safety and human rights.

It is estimated that in Lebanon alone, there are over 80,000 female Ethiopian domestic workers and over 50% of them are residing illegally. A year and half ago, the plight of an Ethiopian migrant Alem Dechasa, who committed suicide, brought public outrage after a video depicting her abuse went viral on the Internet. Recent cases of beatings and killings of Ethiopian migrants in Saudia Arabia has also shed light and raised awareness of the festering crisis.

We believe that it is timely to organize a proactive dialogue between activists, scholars, and NGOs focused on migrant rights in the Middle East to help develop long-term solutions and lasting international legal measures that will enhance the security of migrant workers in the Middle East.

Panelists at the roundtable include individuals who are leaders of Ethiopian women organizations, representatives of international human rights agencies, members of newly formed global alliance initiatives focused on Ethiopian migrant rights, and those who have diligently tracked incidents and developed data visualizations to expose abuse of migrant workers. The panel will also includes social media activists who utilized Facebook and Twitter to organize worldwide vigils and share information seeking to stop the rampant abuse of Ethiopian migrant workers.

Primarily this roundtable aims to serve in two ways: to inform the public about the status of Ethiopian migrant workers in the Middle East using data and research collected by individuals and human rights agencies, and to re-channel the energy around this subject into a more fruitful dialogue on long-term solutions.

Roundtable Discussion on Ethiopian Migrants in the Middle East
Saturday, December 14, 2013 from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM (EST)
529 14th Street Northwest, Murrow Conference Room
Washington, DC 20045
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