Ethiopian organizations condemn Saudi crimes, plan protest rallies
November 13, 2013

Riyadh - Thousands of Ethiopian immigrants have been subjected to murder, rape and beatings in a savage Saudi crackdown on "illegal immigrants." At least 10 have been killed, an Ethiopian told activist Sadik Ahmed from a Saudi town yesterday. "I've seen with my naked eyes Ethiopian women being dragged by Saudi thugs for a gang rape." Ethiopians don't have an Ethiopian government since 1991, when a mercenary tyrant called Meles Zenawi took over power and soiled the good image and respect Ethiopians had in the international community.
SEATTLE - Ethiopian opposition and civic organizations expressed their anger and outrage against the atrocities Saudi security forces committed against defenseless Ethiopians in the kingdom. While condemning the government in Ethiopia for the shame and humiliation Ethiopians have been reduced to since 1991, they also called for the Saudi regime to be held accountable for the crimes it committed. Worldwide protest rallies are planned infront of Saudi embassies. Following is a summary report of what the opposition and civic organizations said in their respective statements:

The Ethiopian people, who had a glorious history of honor and glory, today live in shame and humiliation mainly due to a government that has no love of the country on top of adopting a misguided policy.

The remark was made by Andenet, a popular opposition party that has produced one of the most powerful statements that held the Saudi government responsible for crimes against humnity on the one hand the government in Ethiopia for lack of interest to defend the rights and dignity of Ethiopians.

The Saudi government should be held accountable for the crimes committed against defenseless Ethiopian immigrant workers in the kingdom, Andenet said, urging the government in Addis to heed its responsibility to brief the Ethiopian people on what really had happened in Saudi Arabia against the Ethiopians, incuding women and children. (Andenet).

Meanwhile, the Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia (SMNE) also published stories of agonies in Saudi Arabia, directly quoting the victims of either rape of brutal beatings.

Saudi police in uniform broke into our home and ordered us to lay flat. We obeyed their order when one of us, a woman, told the police that they have legal papers. The police kicked her in the head, asked for the documents. When he was given, he tore the papers to pieces. They took the men to an unknown destination while the remaining five officers resorted to rape, one women told SMNE. (SMNE Report).

The First Hijrah Foundation, a US-based Ethiopian-American Muslim Organization, said, "Information on social media both audio and videos indicates that so far about 13 Ethiopian have lost their lives and many others are severely injured during the crackdown. Most alarming is that as the authorities rounding up the males, Saudi youth thugs are going around raping the women in their places of residence. This is contrary to Islamic teachings and any international laws protecting refugees." (Read the full text here).

In South Africa, Ethiopians expressed their outrage by emphasizing the need for Ethiopians to foster unity for the restoration of their human dignity (Full Text in Amharic).

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