38 college students killed as buy plunges into ravine
By An Activist
March 14, 2018

At least 38 college students were killed on Monday in the district of Legamo when their bus plunged into a ravine, police said. Around 10 are seriously injured among those found so far,” a witness said.

The bus was passing by Genete Selamber, Legamo, 482 km north of Addis Abeba when it derailed off a 5-meter cliff.

Amhara Mass Media Agency showed images of the overturned bus lying just a few meters after plunging over the cliff.

A helicopter didn’t come to the rescue of the heavily injured while the regime uses one to transport TPLF soldiers for repression very often.

Legamo, South Wello, like most of the districts in the Amhara regional state, has a poor road infrastructure.

“When we complain about the under development of health facilities in the Amhara region leading to many deaths, we will be thrown to prison. And, now, I can’t say that low connectivity and poor quality of road infrastructure is resulting in death as it will be considered a crime, according to the recently promulgated State of Emergency, “ said Ahmed Yimer , an educator in South Wello.

Poorly-maintained roads continue to cause over 75% of the fatal auto accidents that happen each year in the Amhara regional states. In addtion, accidents occur as a result of addiction to stimulants, lack of holistic auto supervision frameworks and violation of traffic regulations.

A three-day FB campaign of solidarity with those late is under way until the 15th of March 2018


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