TPLF plans bombing attacks on St. Gabriel's Kulubi Church, warns activist
By Ethiomedia
December 22, 2017

St. Gabriel's Kulubi Church draws millions of pilgrims every year

SEATTLE - The government in Ethiopia is planning to carry out on December 28 terrorist-style bombing attacks on St. Gabriel's Kulubi Church in Hararghe, an Ethiopian activist warned on Tuesday.

Disguised as al-Shabab fighters, the terrorist group in neighboring Somalia, hundreds of Somali-speaking soldiers are being trained as bearded men in a secluded area south of the Hurso Military Training Camp in Somali region, activist Tolossa Ibsa told an online audience that seems to be growing each day.

The planned mass atrocity is to secure western diplomatic and financial support on the one hand and to use the attacks as an excuse to brutally crush the growing anti-government uprising in much of the country, Tolossa said.

Those Ethiopian Christians who would still make the pilgrimage to Kulubi should be vigilant, he warned, also calling on Oromia police, Dire Dawa police and Harari police to be on high alert to protect the people from any form of attacks.

Embeded among the crowd are also cameramen who would secretly video the bomb explosions - à la Hawzen* style.

Tolossa says his sources are members of the security (intelligence) ministry of the government.

Inciting ethnic conflicts to create a fear-ridden torn-apart society has been the cornerstone policy of TPLF to stay in power indefinitely.

TPLF has been systematically driving a wedge between the Amhara and Oromo ethnic groups so much so that it has erected a statue of severed breasts of Oromo women that TPLF blames on Emperor Menelik, the Ethiopian leader whose 100,000-strong army defeated the Italians at the 1986 Battle of Adwa. Historians discard the 'Anole statue' as a fiction created by TPLF as a daily hateful reminder of the Oromos against the Amharas.

It is a matter of time before the hateful Anole Statue - along with it also TPLF - is dismantled with the growing unity in action of the Amhara and Oromo brethren.

Many Ethiopian nationals, particularly those in the United States and Europe, are preoccupied with 'what's to be done' type of public discussions to put out the fires of ethnic conflicts that TPLF is stoking in the country.

Public opinion has it that when pitting the Oromo against the Amhara failed, TPLF has come up with using the ethnic Somali card. Armed to the teeth by TPLF, the Somali Liyu Police is accused by Oromia government officials of making frequent incursions into neighboring Oromo neighborhoods, thereby committing massacres.

In two days of ethnic clashes between December 15 and 16, 29 ethnic Oromos were killed by members of the Ethiopian Somali Liyu Police. In a reprisal attack, 32 ethnic Somalis were killed. In addition, over 800 houses were burned down and 14,000 inhabitants displaced, according to a report by the Voice of America (VOA) Amharic Service.

The planned bombing attacks on the holy site of St. Gabriel's Kulubi Church on December 28 shows to what extent the ruling party can go to turn a growing tide of popular protests to rescue Ethiopia from being torn apart under TPLF.

TPLF, the dominant group in the deceptive coalition group EPRDF, is also facing growing opposition from the other EPRDF partners, notably the Oromo People's Democratic Organization (OPDO) and the Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM).

Particularly impressive are Lemma Megersa, the young OPDO president and fellow colleague, Dr Abiy Ahmed, whose pro-Ethiopian unity public speeches, comments and commitments have won them praise and suport far beyond the Oromo constituency over very much of Ethiopia.

The new leaders of love, peace and unity in the likes of Lemma Megersa and Abiy Ahmed have set themselves on a collision course against the backward, brutal and mercenary TPLF, which wouldn't hesitate to use deadly force to remove the OPDO guys from emerging as a unifying force of Ethiopians.

TPLF counts on its deadly security forces. But Lemma and Abiy have no guns but undoubtedly the overwhelming support of the Ethiopian people.


*TPLF has a rich history of carrying out terrorist attacks. On 22 June 1988, then rebel group TPLF lured the Derg regime into carpet-boming the Tigrian town of Hawzen on a busy market-day while rebels with powerful cameras video-recorded the full run of the tragedy from safe hilltop hideouts. During the air raids, over 2500 civilians were massacred. When people watched the video, TPLF sparked an exodus of Tigrian youths into its fold, and a Western diplomatic bonanza, thereby expediting the downfall of the Derg military regime. - Abraha Belai, Editor, Ethiomedia. - An African-American news and views website.
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