Pogrom in Gambela still underway
By GPDUF Press Release
December 31, 2003
Once again Gambella People Democratic United Front (GPUDF) would like to convey the dreadful news that has been going on since December 13, 2003. On December the 24th, the Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary “Democratic” Forces (EPRDF) government has committed the same crime it had committed on December the 13th. This time, the killings have been taking places in Fungido, Abobo, and Dema towns in Gambella region, about 100km from Gambella city.

After the December 13, 2003 massacres, three thousands EPRDF troops and federal police were deployed in the region to continue their systematic butchery. Residents in those areas are evicted by government troops and their houses are burn to ground. Young men are being tortured, women are raped, and adult men are executed by the so-called government troops. The Anuaks who took refugee in churches are still trapped there without enough food, water and daily basic needs. While the Anuak students who were in highland colleges and universities were forced to leave their school campuses because the highlanders, who are in collaborate with EPDRF, intimidated them. The EPRDF government is creating another kind of senseless civil war, and the Anuak people may rebel against the inhumane acts of the repressive government.

The most recent news we got from our sources in Sudan indicated that residents in Fungido, Abobo, Gug, and Dema have fled the country because of brutal killings that EPRDF military execute against them. Due to the government cruelness, about ten to twelve thousands Ethiopian Anuaks are compelled to leave their motherland, Ethiopia to Pochalla, Sudan. Our reliable sources in the area told us about distress situation the refugees are facing. .

In the meantime, Dr. Barnabas, federal affairs minister, who is the master minded behind all these massacres is looking for scapegoats. Mass imprisonment is said to be underway in Gambella city authorized by Dr. Gebrahab Barnabas. For instance, sixty people including Mr. Obang Medi, regional council secretary, Mr. Omot Ojullo, regional health secretary, and Sister Ariet Peter, women affairs chairperson, whose father was killed in the Massacres were arrested for the pretext that they were among the perpetrators. Thirty-two policemen from the Anuak tribe who were disarmed during the unpleasant incidents are also reported to be among the inmates.

To us, this is bogus and racial motivated interference by the TPLF government. It is a typical EPRDF two-facedness language that has been spoken during its twelve years in power. The people who are taken to prison are from the Anuak tribe, and the people who were massacred are from the Anuak tribe. This proves that the government’s statement posted to ethiozena.net on December 30, 2003 is lair, and despotic. As far as we know, Mr. Omot Ojullo, and Sister Ariet Peter were imprisoned before the genocide took place. Therefore, their imprisonment has nothing to do with the perpetrators because their names were among the list of the Anuak elites who were killed. TPLF just want to get away with the crime its troops committed. Whether the TPLF dominated government likes it or not, we apprehended Meles Zenawi’s regime accountable for the Ethiopian Anuaks Massacres on the December 13th, the 24th 2003, and the ongoing racially prejudice.

In fact, before December 13, 2003 Massacres, the relationships between Gambella people and the EPRDF dominated government was based on loyalty, faithfulness, and companion, but after the December 13, 2003 Massacres, the relationships between central government and Gambella people crossed the threshold that had never happened in the history of this neglected people. But the Anuaks of Gambella have fought in many wars to defend our Ethiopian sovereignty; however their heroism and love of their country have been always denied and ignored by their central governments.

As a part of newly formed United Ethiopian Democratic Forces (UEDF), Gambella Peoples United Front (GPUDF) remains non-armed political party that aim at fighting with tyrant government in a peaceful ways. Although the mood of Gambella people, and the atmosphere in the region is very hostile to resist, we believe the political turmoil can be eased if the peace-loving nations such as the United States, and the U.K, and international organizations interfere.

Therefore, we are asking the peace loving Ethiopians and international organizations to condemn the barbaric and unlawful acts. We appreciate the effort you have made previously and we hope you will be always with us in struggle against the undemocratic government. We also urge UN Security Council to stop the ongoing killings in Gambella region by Ethiopian government troops.The Anuak of Gambella will live to tell the tale of the December 13,24th 2003 Massacres, and the ongoing racial prejudice!

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