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Heroic Ethiopian Army clear of human rights crimes while occupying Eritrea. Meanwhile, the Claims Commission accused Eritrean soldiers of war crimes, including intentional killings, torture, beatings, forced disappearances and rape.
Former Tigrai region President Gebru Asrat
Press Roundup (Dec 19-Dec 25)
The week that started out with an Eritrean attack on Hadish Adi, near Badme, was followed by an international lawsuit against Meles Zenawi over crimes against humanity in Gambella region. Close to the end of the week, Kifle Mulat from Addis broke good news, and said: a court has lifted a ban on EFJA. In the meantime, we received happy-holiday greetings from Dr. Bekele Mola, a pioneer in Geez-based software development, and we'd like to invite you to visit his Fettan website, an excellent resource for those who would like to dig up the past, probe documents and audio files to learn how Ethiopia slipped into the hands of Eritrean Agent Meles Zenawi, and what should be done to stop further damage. On what he calls one of the ingredients of democracy, Dr. Aweke Getahun on his part wants us to share with you what free and fair elections are all about.
Meles Zenawi address to the nation
Yacob Hailemariam:- an advisor to the Nigeria-Cameroon Border Commission
It doesn't hurt to take it at theoretical level. The conflict arises when some courageous Ethiopians try to turn theoretical democracy into practice in enemy-held Ethiopia. In the end, Hailemariam Legesse has forwarded us a literary piece entitled:
"BeTaRik Lai Terrett. These were a few of the items from our heavy-duty mailbag. Our apologies for those who were expecting their works would be published. We wish you happy holidays!
Ethiomedia: Dec 24, 2004
Commission blasts Eritrea over War Crimes (Dec 20, 2004)
OLF extraordinary session under way in Asmara (Dec 20, 2004)
UEDF-UK appeals in London (Dec 20, 2004)
Anuak to sue Ethiopia over human rights crimes (Dec 18, 2004)
Red Sea is Ethiopia's natural frontier, says TPLF dissident
By Our Staff Writer: Dec 20, 2004
ADDIS ABABA (Dec 20) - In what could be the latest victory for the Ethiopian people and opposition parties, a former senior Ethiopian government official and TPLF dissident said Ethiopia's natural frontier is the Red Sea. Gebru Asrat, who heralded the political breakthrough that has taken place within the TPLF community, declared: "All efforts must be marshalled to restore the nation's sovereignty rights over the Red Sea." In a clear blow to Prime Minister Meles Zenawi's Eritrea agenda, Gebru discarded the notion that Eritrea was a colony of Ethiopia. It it were, it is Ethiopia who must decide what Eritrea should and should not get. More
Is the Ethiopian opposition on alert? (Ethiomedia: Dec 17, 2004)
Meles Zenawi's guards behind bars (ION: Dec 17, 2004)
UN calls on Ethiopia, Eritrea to ease tension (AP: Dec 16)
Hoodwinking history (Kidane Alemayehu: Dec 12)
Airbrushing Menelik out of history:
An act of intellectual sobriety or a deficiency in scholarship?
By Tseggai Mebrahtu

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