Ethiomedia's Mission Statement
Ethiomedia's desire is to provide a forum for exchange of views among Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia on matters that would have significant impact on the welfare of the people and survival of our country - Ethiopia.

Ethiopian MapWe aspire to unite the people, restore pride in our heritage as multi-cultured peoples under one flag and nation, promote democratic governance, expose misdeeds by the current regime including the ceding of national sovereignty and selling out the country's interests to our enemies, and encourage consensus building around principles and ideals for a more united, stronger, and economically prosperous nation.

We believe our diversity is a source of our strength and playing politics with ethnicity would have disastrous consequences socially, politically and economically. On the economic front, we believe in a mixture of private and public partnerships, with the former (anchored by entrepreneurs and the individual) being the dominant partner. We affirm our belief in equitable sharing of the responsibilities for nation building, and in the distribution of resources and of the gains from economic development.

We oppose the current regime's political philosophy and economic policies, since we are convinced the regime does not have the interests of Ethiopia as the center piece of its policies. It made that clear during the recent boarder demarcation discussion in the Hague where it firstly agreed to the use of Italian imposed and prepared maps as the basis of the demarcation and secondly begged commission members to award Ethiopian land to the enemy. It conspired to make the country, which has one of the largest land masses and population in Africa, landlocked and insecure. The regime has made Ethiopia a laughing stock of the world, and a poster child of failed economy perpetually dependent on international goodwill for survival.

We oppose state ownership of land, government monopoly of any part of the economy, and economic exploitation by government functionaries under cover of businesses owned and operated by their political parties. We deplore the government's repression of freedom of _expression in any of its forms, carried out more commonly by murdering, imprisoning, exiling, and intimidating journalists; murdering citizens for peacefully expressing their opposition to the government's repressive policies; and through persistent other human rights abuses. We believe the regime's removal would restore the country's rightful place as the cradle of African Unity and the hard fought tradition of a united country with a healthy culture of religious and ethnic harmony. We are convinced its continuing stay in power would lead to the disintegration of the nation, and earn the country the designation of another failed state. We aspire to see its removal from power by any means necessary and feasible.

We invite all Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia to join us in the above endeavors (by sharing thoughts through articles, joining our family of members, etc). Let us work together to continue on the foundation laid by our ancestors to build a more united, economically prosperous, and politically stronger nation. There is no better tribute to our ancestors for the sacrifices they made to pass on to us one of the oldest historical nations of the world that we proudly call Ethiopia

Ethiomedia Board of Directors
November 2002

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