Attack on Ethiopian diaspora planned

"Amnesty International considers these defendants (who are leaders of the opposition Kinijit) -- arrested in connection with demonstrations in November 2005 -- prisoners of conscience who have not used or advocated violence and calls on the Ethiopian government to release them immediately and unconditionally." - Amnesty International: May 16, 2006
LONDON - A 52-page document secretly prepared by the Directorate of the Diaspora of the Foreign Ministry in Addis Ababa details step-by-step instructions of how to control Ethiopian Diaspora through the instrumentalities of embassies and consulates. The document is signed by one called Wubshet Demissie, an ambassador. A few of duties of the Directorate of the Diaspora are:
  1. To weaken the extremist opposition camp of the Diaspora; leaders of that group should be carefully studied and their names be forwarded to the Head Office
  2. Depending on the instruction from the Head office, a lawsuit should be filed against the extremists for crimes of genocide, treason, corruption and embezzlement at the time of their living in Ethiopia.
  3. Each and every member of the mission should make sure those accused of treason, genocide and embezzlement be presented before court, after gathering enough evidences.
  4. A strong tie should be forged with the governments of those countries where the extremists live in order to secure their deportation to face the court of law. It is also vital that government agencies be told their continues granting of residence to the extremists would spoil the diplomatic relationship between their country and Ethiopia.
  5. If the extremists have taken citizenship of that country of their domicile, make sure to convince the government agencies of that country to stop their citizens from meddling in the internal affairs of Ethiopia.
  6. Systematically [report] to authorities that the those who live in the country and instigate violence in Ethiopia were contravening the international law.
  7. Make sure that radio programmes run by the tax-payers' money of the country where the extremists reside should not be used to destabilise Ethiopia.
  8. Those who had applied for asylum and living in the country should be confined in one city, therefore the Mission should make every effort that this be achieved. through diplomatic means.

The above are just the tip of the iceberg. The step-by-step manual, written in columns and rows, also admits how the Ethiopian Diaspora cut off the Meles regime after it rigged the May 2005 elections, and launched a nationwide terror that hunted down members and supporters of the popular opposition - Coalition for Unity and Democracy Party (CUD-Kinijit). Jailed Kinijit leaders and independent media journalists have been behind bars for several months, and are being tried for fabricated charges of 'treason and genocide.'

The other hot method suggested to control the Ethiopian Diaspora was by offering various benefits. Those who support the government are promised to be given a plot of land wherever they wanted in Ethiopia. Those who gain the advantage would be encouraged to bring along their friends so that their friends too would benefit from the same opportunity. In a desperate move to implicate influential Ethiopian activists in crimes, the document also stands tall on advising how to set up traps that would prompt host nations to take legal action against the alleged 'law breakers.'

(...Report includes brief Staff Reporting)

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