Important Video Clips

"Dictator Zenawi shouldn't represent Africa at Copenhagen"

Many independent observers have expressed their dismay over the act of sending Meles Zenawi as representative of African nations at the UN Climate Talks in Copenhagen. One of the critics is Doug McGill, a former New York Times reporter, and is now the editor and publisher of the McGill Report.

Birtukan Mideksa will remain in prison indefinitely: Meles Zenawi

ADDIS ABABA - Birtukan Mideksa learned nothing from her previous arrest, and this time, she would remain in prison indefinitely, Ethiopia's cold-hearted tyrant, Meles Zenawi, who often grimaced with dimissive looks, told a news conference in Addis Ababa on Friday.

Meles, who uses even "food aid" as a political weapon, has used various policies like "ethnic federalism" to deliberately weaken the unity of Ethiopians while appearing as someone who espouses hardline brand of Marxist-Leninist doctrine which he calls "Revolutionary Democracy."

Also included in this ETV/EthioTube video clip is a "debate" in the rubber-stamp parliament.

An Ethiopian scholar warns of the dangers of ethnic politics

"Be fair, Meles Zenawi!"

ADDIS ABABA - This meeting took place at Addis Ababa University about three years prior to the ill-fated 2005 elections. An honest, fearless and courageous scholar tells Meles Zenawi straight in the face that it is too late to talk about the dangers of ethnic politics. And he goes on warning:

"The ball is in your court, Ato Meles. I only pray that you be fair. You talk about "multi-party democracy." I believe there will never be any meaningful opposition party in this country as long as you are in power. It wouldn't exist because you'd make sure it wouldn't. So far, you have been successful. I'm not a fortune-teller but I'd tell you that you would remain in power for the next 20 years. What I'd like to plead with you - as a tiny, helpless creature as I'm - is that you be fair to this country, because we are under your control. At this time, I know what you're thinking about me; but I care less to hear about that."