Letters on 'Renaissance Dam'
Letters to the Editor
December 9, 2012

"Check the facts first

Greeting Ethiomedia Editor,

A little bit about myself. I'm an Ethiopian engineer with 14 years of experience in dam construction as well as other projects in Ethiopia and Sudan. I have the knowledge on the background, history and current progess on GERDP project.

I am writing in support of the Mr. Gezu Karma's article posted on your website.

I am not going in any more detail since he has covered everything, but have comments on what your website presents when it comes to the GERDP or infrastructure projects in Ethiopia. I like you, I also beleive in free press, but it should not be at the cost of the truth and technical facts. When it comes to articles you receive concerning high Ethiopian interests like infrastructure projects, you should get experts to look at it first before publishing.

The article Ethiopia's Renaissance Dam - A mega dam with potentially mega consequences by Haydar Yousif - (posted on 4th Dec 2012) is very biased and far from being informative and downright dangerous.

I believe I have given you a constructive criticism and hope you will seriously consider it.

Best Regards!

Taking punches with Grace

I am pleasantly surprised to see you publish an article ( http://www.ethiomedia.com/assert/4862.html) that is very critical of your often detrimental actions.

It would be beneficial to our country and people (which I believe you love and care for very much) for you to do due diligence before you post articles that do not serve our country's interest. Political opposition to the governing party is one thing but to be instrumental to our historical enemies and detractors who like to keep us in perpetual poverty and misery is completely unexpected from you.

Thank you
Mekonnen Kassa

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