$225,000 raised for new OLF in one day; support pours from all directions
Ethiomedia | August 2, 2008
Brig.-Gen. Kemal Gelchu
Former army general Kemal Gelchu is one of the reformists
WASHINGTON - WASHINGTON - A wind of reform, renewal and new vision is simmering within the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), and this change is long overdue in coming to an organization that has for long been the victim of dogmatic policies, a senior OLF official said on Saturday.

Leenco Baattii of the OLF said the sweeping changes are not only meant for the Oromo people but also for the entire Ethiopian as well as the Horn of Africa at large.

There has been political changes at national, regional and international levels but OLF has been held hostage for a number of years to the ongoing changes, Leenco said, adding the current changes are aimed at adjusting OLF to cope with the political realities of the contemporary world.

"Positive changes of the Oromo people are positive changes for the Amharas, the Tigrians, the Wolaitas, Gurages and other Ethiopian people. Beyond that, the changes would also impact changes in the region, i.e the Horn of Africa," the OLF official said.

In the meantime, a record $225,000.00 was raised in one day as a manisfestation of the overwhelming support for the new changes being taken up by OLF, Leenco said.

The change was necessitated by a long period of paralysis, the leadership's inability to change its overwhelming support among the Oromo people into an effective resistance against EPRDF tyranny. The failure of the former OLF leadership to move the organization out of this paralysis. The former leadership ignored people's complaints, and had marginalized those individuals who had criticized the organization for doing little to effect political changes and adapt to ever-changing regional and international environments, according to the OLF official. - An African-American news and views website.
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