TPLF accuses Blue Party on Day One
By Aden Abera
June 3, 2013

Eden Abera
Activist Eden Abera
Blogging from her home in Oslo, Norway, activist Eden Abera says a day has hardly passed before TPLF accused the Blue Party of "issues" that the rally was called for in the first place. Here's her ViewPoint.

What is funny about TPLF's tactic is that after allowing the demonstration to be held so that it would deceptively make them look "democratic," they come back and accuse the opposition of all sorts of crimes.

The ruling party knows what kind of slogans the protesters would chant. Obviously, it is about political repression. The regime knows that protesters would call for the release of political prisoners and for the regime to stop interfering in religious affairs.

And here we go: The regime said on its own TV that the Blue Party is guilty of:

  1. Calling for the release of political prisoners which, it said, are accused of terrorism and their case is still pending court decisions.
  2. Defaming the regime as if the regime is interfering in the religious affairs.

Such charges were, no matter how funny they look, made by Communications Minister Shimelis Kemal who appeared on the same day on ETV, the mouthpiece of the regime. Shimelis said the government had taken corrective measures against evictions of farmers before the protesters took to the streets and shouted about it. He said this was nothing else but defaming his government. But it is widely known the forceful eviction is still continuing in different parts of Ethiopia.

Much to its credit, however, ETV reported one fact: The Blue Party has promised to return to the streets within three months. If they people rise up for their rights, TPLF knows it is the end of its brutal rule, and hence Shimelis Kemal's warning via ETV.

Thanks to technology, pictures and video clips of the protest rally were instantly beamed across Social Media networks and websites, despite TPLF's huge appetite to hide and bury the truth. TPLF cannot arrest the power of technology and the Ethiopian people's quest for democracy and justice. It is simply impossible. - An African-American news and views website.
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