Tecola Hagos's prescription of banishment to jailed patriotic Ethiopians is strongly contested
by Dr Messay Dejene
May 30, 2013

Tecola Hagos's piece that has appeared on Ethiomedia prompts this scribe to say a few words in the demands of his conscience.

Tecola attempted to paint a rosy picure of Ethiopia under Haile Mariam, a man who like his masters, the Woyanes, has no constituency. The premier, to many discerning Ethiopians is a figurehead of what many consider as an occupied Ethiopia. The nominal premier who has so much blood on his hands has no power to even choose his personal guards let alone reversing the collossal ravages that his masters have wrought on the nation.

Presumably, Tecola Hagos is a legal scholar. There is seemingly a disconnect between his ruling of 'banishment' and the supposed weight of his credentials. It is this discrepancy that prompted this scribe to pen down his dissent.

It is a sheer irony of scholarship to witness the audacity of the learned lawyer to tacitly recommend to the delinquent Ethiopian regime to issue a more lenient penalty to innocent Ethiopians who are languishing in the prison of an illigitmate and terrorist goverment. This scribe would like to interogates the legal scholar how he could dare propose banishment to the unjustly incarcerated patriotic Ethiopians instead of advocating for their unconditional freedom.

I have never known of banishment as an alternative to justice. These are innocent and patriotic Ethiopians who are suffering at the hands of traitors. Tecola should know that.

In attempt to give it legitimacy in 21 century, the learned lawyer cited ancient Greece and medieval Ethiopia to have used the practice of banishment. I am utterly bemused.

Judging from his gibberish, Tecola does seem to be mulling over returning home. There is nothing wrong with that. One does not need excuses to return home. Many compatriots would agree with him that a life of an exile is not an enviable one.

Even when one is successful by vulgar economic and social standards, the urge to return home is immense as this scribe has been dabbling with that thought for over three and have decades. I challenge Tecola for failing to expressly acknowledge that the Woyane regime is an occupation force that is determined to undo the very notion of Ethiopia as a nation.

Woyane fought againast the Ethiopian state to create an independent Tigrean republic. That in itself is treason pure and simple. Since Woyane usurped power by default, it has systematically dismantled the country. From ceding Eritrea and donating swathes of land to Sudan to annexing a big chunk of Begemdir and Wollo to Tigrai, to balkanising the people along spurious etnic lines, it has done everyting. To alienate Tigreans from their fellow Ethiopians every government and private enterprise is run or overseen by Woyanes. And they are given a free hand to plunder the country.

To millions of discerning Ethiopians Woyane is an unreformable entity. Woyanes and their venal Woyane-appointed tribal riffrafs of whom most have barely seen the four walls of high schools, are the supposed representatives of the bantustanised Ethiopian regions.

On a personal note, let me warn Tecola and others who may wish to return home against possible disappointments. Woyane is a spent force. It is crumbling by its own weight. Any association with them would eventually invite hostile response.

The vast majority of people in the cities, the generations that are under 45 are generally vulgar, inconsiderate, abrupt, dishonest & unreliable. The nation is polarised along ethnic lines.

Beware also of the following realities. Unfortunately people with Tigre names or with Woyane affiliations are socially shunned. That is a sad reality in Woyane's Ethiopia.

But being brave, I trust the learned lawyer will weather the storm if he indeed returns.

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