Letter to Dr. Fikre Tolossa
May 30, 2013

Hello Dr. FikreTolossa:

My name is Tony Ojulu-Jor Ochalla. I recently read your article on Ethiomedia titled: "The Oromo, not the Amhara, were our kings and queens." I like your insight. I agree with you that if the Oromo people had a vision like what they have now on the new Democratic Front, they could have more support from other Ethiopians or other ethnic groups a long time ago.

I am not from Oromo ethnic group. I am from Gambella, Ethiopia by the way. Even if I agree with you on some of the things you said, I don't agree with you on some of them. For example, you mentioned about the use of Latin spellings for the Oromo language. The Oromo have the right to use whatever alphabet they choose to use. Being an Ethiopian doesn't mean that you only have to write or use the Geez spellings.

As somebody from Ethiopia, I know the pain the Oromo and other ethnic groups went through. The Oromo or other ethnic groups should not blame all Amharas, but those who ruled Ethiopia or those who are still ruling Ethiopia today. But that doesn't mean that the Oromo have to deny their being Ethiopians. I agree with you that the Oromo don't have to see the "little Oromiya" alone.

You mentioned about other Oromo clans in other countries. The Kikuyu of Kenya have no relationship with the Oromo ethnic group. They are Bantustans (Bantus) who immigrated from the Congo forest a long time ago. I don't know about the Massai of Kenya. The Tutsi of Rwanda or Burundi believe that they immigrated from Ethiopia. There are other Africans who believe that they immigrated from Ethiopia. The Fulani and other ethnic groups in countries like Chad and Niger are few examples. But don't forget that the Oromo are from the Kush kingdom. I think they relate to those who speak the Kush language than the Bantu.

I would like to see your book titled: "The Hidden and Untold History of the Jewish people and Ethiopians." You can submit my response on Ethiomedia if you want to. Thanks.

Tony Ochalla
Salt Lake City, Utah

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