As Easter goes on, a historical wedding inside Qaliti prison
By Sadik
May 8, 2013

When the dictators incarcerate valued and exceptional leaders without justice, it is not only to bar them from their followers, but to break their soul in irreversible manner. Today our brave Ethiopians broke the passion of the oppressor by having a wedding inside the notorious Qaliti prison. Even if the bride and groom made their contact behind the miserable fence, they have touched millions on their shiny love story for generations to come. Yes, the participants sang cultural and religious songs! But they were also singing a freedom anthem about their famous leader Abubekir Ahmed while approaching the prison.

Ethiopian Muslims have showed their unwavering struggle to earn their freedom of religion in a peaceful routine. The ruling junta attempted to interrupt this nonviolent routine in several occasions, they have sent cadres to trigger chaos inside demonstrations, they have recruited influential figures and prominent preachers, but they failed miserably.

Ethiopian Muslims have contained the malicious strategy of T.P.L.F in extreme superior custom, by applying patriotic and peaceful ways en route for their freedom. Today’s wedding is a reflection of dominance under the constitution, they are demonstrating by preparing a historical wedding inside the prison, a motorcade was making a parade, a forceful honk streamed throughout Addis Ababa, the youth clapped and sang happily by dreaming tomorrow. There was a chorus among the women, you perhaps take our men to the jail, but we will get married among the innocent prisoners until you fade up arresting our men. The government could brag for having strong military force, but today’s wedding was powerful enough to contain the heart and minds of the military.What a peaceful struggle!

I wish a happy holiday for my Christian brothers and sisters!

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