Letter on Tesfaye Demmellash's masterpiece
Letter to the Editor
May 8, 2013

Dear Ethiomdia Editor,

Please, kindly convey my take on Tesfaya Demmellash's incisive article - Amharas and Ethiopian Resistance against Tribal Tyranny - to the esteemed author.

It is a masterpiece of bold, ethnological depiction of Amara ethos for which I commend you (Tesfaye) wholeheartedly. It poignantly articulated the not-so-much-vaunted very Ethiopian, evolved and inclusive Amara world-view.

I wish to, however, point out the conspicuous absence of one crucial issue in the discourse.Tesfaye's otherwise elegant analysis did not cast light on Ethiopia's sorry history with respect to the two Italian invasions preceding Ethiopia's calamitous 'revolutionary' history of the 1970s.

The Amara elites are culpable of crimes of omission with regard to the ongoing atrocities Woyanes mete out on Amaras. Their reticence is rightly read as tacit approval.

The untold crimes perpetrated against tens of thousands of Amaras including the series of massacres, dispossession, exile, denial of their children from accessing education in their own tongue since Woyane usurped power in 1991, has not perturbed Amara elites beyond the occasional outbursts of rage.

The vengeful Woyane mind-set that is largely informed by the distorted reading of the conducts and outcomes of the two aforementioned wars, is at the root of their audacious actions.

It is with a sense of profound grief that I recount the lynching of 28 of my own peasant relatives including children as young as five years old, by forces armed and incited by Woyanes.

I concede that it is the timid, pretentious and disingenuous Amara elites who have consistently failed to stand up to the wild allegations hurled at their forefathers, that has emboldened this suicidal minority to do what they are doing today.

Amara intellectuals are still dilly-dallying on determining the course of action that needs to be taken to avert the imminent danger of experiencing a more sordid crime this malicious outfit is set to commit.

Once again, thank you, Tesfaye.

Best regards,
Messay D.

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