Tesfaye Gebreab - 'One way ticket to your fatherland'
By Tedla Asfaw
October 9, 2013

I called Netsanet Publishing Agency(NPA) yesterday after I heard in Qale Paltalk Room "Yesedetegnaw Mastawasha" by Tesfaye Gebrab would not be released due to disagreement between the author and NPA. However, surfing NPA Website I came across a page advertising the coming of "Yesedetegnaw Mastawesha" very soon ?

My call was to hear from NPA directly and it seems they do not want to deny or confirm this because of the huge controversy that targeted Tesfaye Gebreab based on the leaked hand writing of himself that was the basis for a very critical piece by former Judge Woldemichael Meshesa is now posted on Ethiomedia.

Tesfaye Gebrab anti Woyane campaign after he left the Woyane camp a decade ago bought him many fans in the Ethiopian Diaspora even if there were vocal few who accused him of a Shabia agent.

They were right. Tesfaye's own hand writing proved that. He has indeed been working for Shabia and his "Fatherland" Eritrea. Many Ethiopians are now certain that his hate /racist book like "YeBurka Zimta" was a campaign to start a Hutu Vs Tutsi ethnic genocide while "Terarawin Yanketekete Tewled" a book Tesfaye wrote was to get close to TPLF mafia circle to coordinate more division and hate between Amharas and Oromos.

I personally was on Tesfaye's side after I read "Yeburka Zimita" posted on Website six years ago. A fiction based on Tesfaye's acquaintance with Oromo culture in Debrezeit/Bishoftu. He was on the side of the Oromos twisting his or their stories, demonizing Amharas but not calling for outright revenge not to expose himself.

At that time his anti Amhara literature was a continuation of Woyane propaganda. Bedeno, Asosa and Arbagugu massacre might have been motivated by "YeBurka Zimita". No one was held accountable for that crime.

Those that committed that heinous crime will face justice one day. They will be asked among many questions what motivated them to commit such barbaric killing against poor Amharas. If Tesfaye's "Yeburka Zimita" was in any case a factor then he should face justice.

After he run away from Woyane following the Badme war, 1998-2000 he wrote, "Yegazetegnaw Mastawesha" picking friends in Woyane camp and demonizing others. In the Ethiopian Diaspora he got many friends and wide popularity for that.

Tesfaye Gebreab is indeed anti Ethiopia working for Shabia. His hate towards Ethiopia as a country is tremendous. He is very angry man because Hutu VS Tutsi scale of genocide has not happened yet.

The only support he got so far is from "Oromo First" Ethiopia haters in the diaspora. They are making noise here and there defending the indefensible. Activist Alemayehu Mesel disarmed Tefaye's "WMD" in two years followup from his "guest" that stayed with him for almost two years until he get Asylum in Holland resulting into "Aleleake" . Judge Woldemichael Meshesha 40 pages blistery piece on Tesfaye has changed many minds including myself.

Tesfaye Gebrab should go to his Fatherland Eritrea in one way ticket. We should demand NPA to stop advertising Tesfaye's coming new book. Medias like ESAT that interviewed Tesfaye or VOA/German need to invite him based on the new findings. It is a Test time for all !!!! The public as well as the medias are more informed about Tesfaye thanks to Alemayehu Leak, AleLeaks. It is our WickiLeaks that disarmed Tesfaye Gebrab's WMD.

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