New Book
The Woman of Folly: Why Science Must Be Stopped
Author: Mulugeta Wudu
August 25, 2016

I sit like a spectator of a fashion show in front of  an open scene of the rural wilderness, and nature, decked out in assortment of attires, displays an elaborate ritual and talks to me in languages and melodies of many kind harmonized to my senses. Plants come out of the earth and throw their images on my sight. Flowers bloom and inflict my sense of smell by their scent. Trees yield fruit and introduce their flavor to my taste. The sun shines and, though distant, caresses me from afar and excites a sense of warmth in me. The same sun shines on the lake and boils it and stirs it up to the sky and the air that was water freezes, and there the cloud hangs above me in the sky, and soon it comes down in the form of water and quenches my thirst. I see risen mountains and sunken valleys making boundary to the waters. I see streams gush down from the mountains in perpetual flow. The wild animals drink from them. Bushes and trees flourish in abundance of variation and number. The birds nest beside the streams and I hear them sing among the branches of the trees. I see sand of varying color, clay of many sorts, and gypsum, coral, topaz, quartz, diamond, emerald, pearl, jasper, basalt, chalk and many other soil and rock adorn the earth. I also see it enhanced by mountains, hills, gorges valleys, plain fields and undulations. Then I see the sweeping scene of the oceans, their tides, the ebb and flow, and the entire world in their bowls. I feel the calming sight of lakes, the stunning sound of waterfalls, the solemn flow of rivers, and the alluring sight of springs. An array of seasons parade before my eye. In spring time seeds take root, in summer it becomes hot, in the autumn leaves fall and in winter comes cold rain and ice. I see insects and animals of all sorts cruising across the earth and fish and hippos and the water beetle in water and birds and bees in the air. And I see the boundless roof up above sparkling in one form by day and in another by night. I hear the sound of thunder and sense the earth tremble by earthquake. I see the wind swinging the branches of trees and whirlwind twisting dust and fallen leaves.  Each movement of this cycling art imparts joy of endless kind to me. Who put together this ravishing scene? Is nature performing to me? I ask. Why am I affected by this organized beauty to the depth of all my senses if it is not playing to me? If it is not to me, then to who?
Clearly I behold a great show before me. This elaborate performer is alive.
However, growing up, I was told to go to school to get educated, because, without education, I would not have access to the daily meal, to drinks for quenching my thirst, and to clothing and to shelter. I went to school and the educators instructed me to shut-off my senses and to follow the procedures of their doctrine alone. They taught me that the great performer is not alive and that it is an aimless coincidence, a collection of dumb matter, an elaborate accident mimicking organization, and they subjected me to rigorous recitals of their doctrine to make it the language of my routine conversation.
And I noticed this doctrine for making senseless folk is backed by power. The world's resources are now dedicated to its glory.  There is reward for espousing it but the cost of being reluctant to embrace it is too great. Material poverty can follow from not receiving it.  The doctrine has become the foundational guide to alter the substances of nature to a declared better state of unknown and, no doubt, frightening consequences. All the fates of those creatures that live in the waters including fish, and of the fowls in the air, and of the beasts of the earth and the life and fate of man himself, are given up to the discretion of this doctrine, as if it brought them all into life. And it is given a name and they call it science.  
Science is the current governing doctrine of the world. Almost all nations and governments pledge allegiance to it. It also owns the mind of every person whose desire it is to eat and to drink and to live. It is worshipped by the man of today who resides on earth. Many say: "Oh great science, we were blind and in the dark, then you came along and opened up our eyes and now we see." It seems no person of mortal flesh can anymore resist the imposing power of science, for science has slithered beneath the skin and in the mind of today's man pausing as truth bewitching him. The idols of science declare that the working mechanism of their doctrine is reason, yet they dictate that reason is the path they pave for everyone to walk on and not the ways the senses apprehend. The building block of this path that these powers furnish is called reductionism, and reductionism is simply the typical wicked venue of the adversary to render the marvelous works of God meaningless.
Since its advent, the weight, network and time of science has been dedicated to manufacturing clever ruses to portray magnificence as dormant, splendor as dim, beauty as dull and the animated as lifeless. Nature in all its forms oozes a giant and conspicuous natural story of He who created it. Man, by reason of his thinking endowment, understands the Creator by default.  Recognizing the Creator is a natural fact that is presented to every man on earth by nature. It takes an extraordinary plunge in illusion to be rid of the overwhelming natural perception of creation and replace it with a philosophy that impresses an artificial notion such as that something happens without someone making it happen. It takes an extraordinary ritual in delusion to consider that a dull, unconscious, dead matter starts to move around without an input or instruction and begins to construct itself into sophistication of dazzling regularity and into patterns of perceptible beauty. Consider a husband and wife being blessed to a child. Consider how the fetus is formed in the womb of the woman by half the substance of the man and half the woman. Now consider how these minute substances, which neither had flesh nor bone; growing flesh and bones and skull and everything in the womb. It doesn't matter how one explains it. Of course there is a step by step journey to it as to how the fetus forms, how the bone forms, and how everything else is formed.  What does that explanation serve in the fact that this thing happens? It has to be there first to be explained in one fashion or another. I can try to explain how the baby is formed from mere tiny substances all the way to the flesh, to the bones, to the skull, to the organs, to the brain, to the full-fledged man, but I can't furnish this miraculous endowment of the glory of self replication to man. But in this example we can see the art of science's explanations working their way to blind man and to rob him of his natural faculty of discernment and to lead him down the path of denial. 
Science is the woman of folly foretold by the book of wisdom. It mimics wisdom and poses as knowledge to seduce man and to take him to the realms of death. The powers wielding science have, through commanding authority, imbued man with a conviction that it is science that feeds, that shelters, that cures, that it is all there is for providing all the good to man. They have placed science in high places, and science, from the schools and from the audible radio and from the public places, calls out to men going by her gateways seeking food and lavish life, and she tells them, “come with me and cuddle me and indulge to the depth of me, I will refresh you with stolen waters and you will gather the foods of others secretly without raising a finger, and you will live in luxury and you will look down upon others who are not of me.”  Thus science steals the beautiful stock on earth that God furnished and spins deceptive theories around them saying, “I can explain them” and, with much enticing literature and seductive lecture, beguiles man as if it furnished them, and she presses ahead subtly and devours the substances of life ruthlessly.  
Science is the greatest fornication of the mind since the error at the Garden of Eden. Indeed, the earth saw no great destruction as by science since its foundation. Science, which is often referred to as modern science, was conceived in the womb of a Western European revolution named the renaissance, which was set in motion by a driving reason of great aversion to Christian belief.  Its foundational mission was to dismantle Christianity, and it has waged its war against God with vigor now for five hundred years. Yet, despite raining torrents of doctrinal assault on Christian belief, and despite beating up the faith with corruptive material flood and incessantly with obliterating philosophical wind, Christianity, though worn-out, stood its ground.  Now, after half a millennium of assault on wisdom and after visiting unimaginable and unabated horror upon the dwellers of the earth, it appears science is hitting the rock and that its window of time is fast elapsing.
Why did science happen? The answer may be that it happened because the world happened. But we will see in this book that the world has a purpose and the purpose is not man's but of that higher than man. Since science happens in this world and is part of the world, it must have something to do with that purpose. However, as we see it, science works against purpose, and so, from this fact and from learning how opposites are paired and how they take turns in this world, it follows that there is a counterpart to purpose. Science, therefore, is the counter-purpose that is opposed to purpose, the same way as sorrow is a counterpart to happiness, as evil is to good, as death is to life, as falsehood is to truth, as hate is to love, as war is to peace.  So this book will evaluate science as a doctrine of counter-purpose. It will explicate the folly of science's principal weapons, such as Mr. Charles Darwin's doctrine of gradual modification of forms, as well as the doctrine of physics and other sciences, which are directly targeting to remove purpose from man's conceptions. The book will demonstrate with sufficient clarity, evidence and reason, how fatally harmful science is, not just to man but to all living things. It will also discuss the nature of things by reason of how they are and will offer an alternative way of life that will be beneficial not just to few but to all.   
For simplicity of contrast the book contrasts the manner of life and fate in two nations of differing foundation and history. On the one side, the depriving, the domineering, the powerful, whose foundational credo is material prosperity, such as the West or Western Europe represented by its daughter the United States of America.  On the other side is the deprived, the dominated and the weak, whose foundational credo is the praising of the Lord God such as Christian Ethiopia. This contrast follows the contrast already illustrated in the many books of the bible, an example of which is Isaiah 18. Isaiah 18 contrasts Africans as oppressed and as represented by Ethiopia, saying rivers of Cush; and the West as represented by the United States, saying, oppressive nation beyond the rivers of Cush, which is across the sea from Africa. Europe and the United States and Arabia are beyond the rivers of Ethiopia but the passage specifies the matter by indicating that this nation makes winged ships, which is airplanes, and there clearly we have the United States of America contrasting Africa.       

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