Call for Action
Ethiopia: One Love, Many Voices
By Gabe Hamda (PhD,SPHR)
March 12, 2018

As I see it, the unfolding event in Ethiopia is between our Ethiopian brothers and sisters who stand for reform against our brothers and sisters who want to maintain the status quo. In other words, a war is raging between forces of reform against forces of the status quo.

I want to caution my esteemed readers to understand that the forces of reform include those from the people of Tigrai, Amhara, Oromo, the Southern People and others. Forces of Status Quo also include the people of Tigrai, Amhara, Oromo, the Southern People and others. The point here is the confrontation between the forces of reform and the Status Quo is based on confrontation between those on the basis principle and not based on an intra-ethnic group confrontation.

I am standing in support of the forces of reform in Ethiopia. Why? (1) the people of Ethiopia, similar to other people of the world deserve justice, liberty and peace (2) the overwhelming majority of Ethiopia are ready for change and have expressed intolerance for the status quo. (3) the overwhelming majority of youth, the future owners of the country are ready for change and have refused to be governed by the repressive regime.

I write this message to inspire my readers who support the reform in ethiopia to take immediate action for the success of the reformists.

Popular movement is not spectator sports. Yes, your favorite team can benefit from your cheer leading for morale support. The success of a popular movement depends on the active engagement of its constituents.

The supporters of the reform who reside in Ethiopia are expressing their support for the reform with their dear life, with beatings, with imprisonment and with harassment.

While the forces who are determined to maintain the status quo are fewer in number, they are working around the clock. They have the National Defense. They have the National intelligence and the national economy at their disposal to try to suppress the popular movement.

I am directing my call for action toward Ethiopians world wide to take action in support of the reformists in Ethiopia, who are waging a peaceful resistance.

I urge each Ethiopian world wide who supports the reform in Ethiopia to take at least 3 of the following actions or comparable actions of your own immediately.

Action #1. Support Your Local Businesses. Make a habit of having a meal at your local Ethiopian Restuarant with your family and or friends at least once a month. This will strengthen the local economy of an Ethiopian cottage industry. I also encourage Ethiopian Restaurants to upgrade the quality of your food and service to incentivize and attract more customers.

Action #2. Support Independent Media. Financially support the media groups that frequently bring you news and analysis about the current events in Ethiopia. These media groups need financial resources to produce quality programming.

Action #3. Actively Support Your Political Party. Be actively engaged with a political party of your choice. Give your talents, time and money.

Action #4. Engage with a Civic Organization. Be actively engaged with a civic organization of your choice. Give your talents, time and money.

Action #5. Connect with an Activist in Ethiopia. connect with one of the activists who resides in Ethiopia and who actively supports the reform. Support this activist financially and morally.

Action #6. Connect With a Released Political Prisoner. Connect with one of the recently released political or journalist prisoners in Ethiopia. Support this person financially and morally.

Action #7. Support Remittance Restriction.
Actively support the remittance restriction boycott that is intended to weaken the oppressing force.

While the foregoing are some examples of actions you may take to support the popular Ethiopian movement, you may think of other comparable actions.

Remember, when it comes to your popular movement, your actions speak louder than your words.

Stay tuned for more action items in support of Ethiopia: One Love Many Voices.

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