Letter: Good job, Ethiomedia!
By Tesfaye Aman
February 7, 2017

Editor's Note - Many Ethiopians have over the years sent us letters of encouragement. We rarely publish them so that we don't give the false impression that we are after glory of some sort. Today, we have made an exception to the following letter because it has some powerful points that go beyond praising Ethiomedia for being consistent and loyal to the interest of the Ethiopian people in general. Tesfaye Aman wrote the letter:

Dear Abraha Belai,
Executive Editor and Publisher, Ethiomedia.com

Let me start humbly glorifying your firm stand on the issue of Ethiopianism as we all envisioned multi-ethnic, united and sovereign state never and ever subjugated to enslavement to fulfill the evil will of slave masters.

Even though I am a regular browser of your web-based journalistic services flavored with high moral and professional standards of Ethiopian tradition and of that of journalism, I have never had a chance to acknowledge your dedication with simple words of Thank You. But now, I decided to because of two recent postings which I am about to explain in few lines in the next paragraphs.

As you may be well aware of the recent controversy insanely ushered by the arrogant ethno-centric Oromo individuals whose association, I believe, is with Al Jazeera & through it with hidden groups working tirelessly to destabilize our nation of pride, I have listened carefully to Professor Haile Larebo’s mesmerizing historical narration that really helps me grasp a big chunk of historical evidences that I was not aware in the past.

All of a sudden, I began to hear an apologetic statement from ESAT on account of antagonistic pressure mounted on them from these groups of so-called “Oromo nationalists”; and now, I read
Teshome Borago’s article, defending Professor Larebo’s discourse and freedom of expression that is fair to label all defamatory efforts as adding insult to injury.

Dear Abraha,

I am from Oromo. As every citizen is proud of her/his ethnic line, I also am so proud. What is ridiculous to me is that the horrible and embarrassing disposition of narrow-minded groups who neither have the quality to be called scholars nor the genius to show us what is best for the country. They are blindly exhaling flames of horror and disinformation to silence the truth from being told. These individuals claimed to be called “politicians” are not historians. They do know nothing about the sciences of history and humanity except that they incessantly brag and whip distinguished scholars who dare to tell the truth.

I love learning history, would love to lend my ears to soul nourishing narrations. The term “Galla” is not an insult to me when a scholar of great disposition speaks from historical reference point of view. These groups are very much afraid of hearing the essence of The Oromo Migration; in addition, blatantly, they are showing us their below par mind set up to satisfactorily answer the issue of the selection of Latin alphabet over Geez. In my belief,  and to the best of my guess, this war of defamation and insult from every direction is aimed at blocking the people of Ethiopia from grasping the neat facts of:

Historical migration that has edgy factor in contributing to the assimilation of majority of Ethiopian people;
The issue of propagating clean ethnicity propaganda is unfounded truth and is the nightmare of narrow-minded personalities;
The upper hand advantage of Geez to Latin is highly exposed by the narration with proper explanation citing the curiosity of foreign scholars on the nature of the Geez alphabet.

Scholars of Professor Larebo’s caliber to speak plainly understandable and vanguards of Teshome Borago’s capacity to protect and defend our precious scholars are what present day of Ethiopia is lacking much. We cannot transform our country without first educating, inspiring and transforming our people to the level that requires understanding, mutual respect and endeavor to unfold the bondage of ignorance and evil governance that capitalizes on our negligence to become informed and ready to defend collectively, as living organism of habitat do, to the perpetual continuity of our existence as Ethiopians.

Thank You! Abraha Belay for your Professional disposition and service.

Thank You! Ethiomedia for being a reliable source of information through an exchange of ideas.

Tesfaye Aman

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