US Congressman rips TPLF apart as most 'corrupt' and 'brutal'
By Ethiomedia
March 13, 2017

SEATTLE - Rep. Dana Rohrabacher on March 9, 2017 said the US should step up and say we were made a mistake to have gone down the road with the corrupt and brutal regime in Ethiopia.

The Congressman was speaking during a congressional hearing on Ethiopia hosted by the incomparable pro-democracy champion Chris Smith. Now Ethiopia has a solid voice in Congressman Dana Rohrabacher. The following text is what the US Congressman said almost exclusively:

"We are soulmates with people who love freedom around the world, and at the very least, we should say that corrupt regimes that utilize weapons from the United States to repress their own people will not be provided those weapons.

"Beginning today, it is time to eliminate Ethiopia from its ability to purchase and obtain U.S. weapons.

How does political repression in Ethiopia manifest itself?" Congressman Rohrabacher asked, said, well "20% of Ethiopians are hungry, they are starving. This is outrageous.

Continuing in his scathing remarks, much to the delight of the Ethiopians who were responding with applause, Congressman Rohrabacher said Ethiopia is a country that can feed itself if it had an honest government.

"Instead, there is a small clique, that is corrupt and brutal, and the results have been misery and hungry which is disgraceful.

"The congressman said the US has been using Ethiopia's partnership with the US against 'radical Islam' as an excuse to form a relationship with a horrible regime.

"If we don't help this regime, don't you think an honest, elected government in Ethiopia would also be against terrorism?"

The congressman said it is time for the United States step up and say we made a mistake by going dow the road with a corrupt and brutal regime. Instead, we should be friends with the overall population of Ethiopia. That would serve American interest as well as the interest of the people of Ethiopia. - An African-American news and views website.
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