Lemma Megersa in danger of TPLF attack, says Qerro
By Abraha Belai, Ethiomedia
December 18, 2017

Oromia President Lemma Megersa - growing popular for his pro-Ethiopia views as opposed to TPLF, the force behind the ethnic-fragmentation of the country
Activist Tolossa Ibsa, a fearless patriot who has cleaned himself of the ethnic hate TPLF has been spreading for the last 26 years, is now a unifying voice for all Ethiopians
Washington, DC (Ethiomedia) - Young Oromo activists known by their popular name - Qerro - have called on the Ethiopian people within and outside of the country to stand by the side of Lemma Megersa, a young leader whose pro-Ethiopian unity views have won him praise from the people and hostility from the ruling TPLF party.

"The life of Lemma Megersa is at stake," said activist Tolossa Ibsa, streaming live from his Facebook page to a staggering global audience of 30,000 viewers on December 17, 2017. He was passing the message of Qerro, the dominant youth in Oromia who have been active in anti-government activities in recent years.

Detailing the cause of the conflict between TPLF and Oromia regional president Lemma Megersa, Tolossa said when the army and 'Liyu police' killed 16 innocent Oromo civilians in Chelenko in East Hararghe on December 11, Lemma made an accusation that could be described as the first of its kind against the dreaded TPLF.

President Lemma publicly accused the army, which he said was deployed without the consent of the regional Oromia government and hence unconstitutional, of gunning down peaceful civilians. He said the perpetrators of the crime should be brought to justice.

Such charge was a direct challenge to TPLF, which has ruled Ethiopia as a coalition partner of the four-party EPRDF but it was crystal clear TPLF had the lion's share of everything political, economic, military and intelligence.

But since the election of Lemma Megersa as OPDO chairman, and the rise of growing opposition within the Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM), whose up-and-coming leaders are also showing growing solidarity with Lemma, TPLF's desperation is deepening by the day as it runs sprinkling fuel on ethnic fires raging between the ethnic Somalis and Oromos, between Amhara and Oromo, as well as pitting Tigrians against all.

Tolossa said the uncalled-for army and police deployment in Gadille kebele, Drolobi district of West Hararghe was a "time bomb" meant to trap Lemma Megersa in an impending ethnic onslaught. He said an army deployed between the Oromo and Somalis suddenly pulled out of the area, thereby triggering the killings of about 60 ethnic Somalis."

What TPLF wanted to teach a lesson was to convey the message that without it, the people cannot live in peace, which is totally wrong as the people had lived in peace and harmony for and ethnic conflicts were the strings that came with TPLF, Tolossa said.

On Sunday, PM Hailemariam Desalegn condemned the killings and said a task force was formed to investigate the crimes and bring the perpetrators to justice, the inference of which means regional administrators would be held responsible - as per a recent EPRDF resolution which says regional governments will be held responsible for troubles erupting in their respective constituencies.

And Qerro activits are calling to fend off any TPLF attack against Lemma Megersa and his comrades in OPDO as well as attempts to destroy the growing solidarity between the Oromo and Amhara people, two major pillars of Ethiopia that TPLF would like to bring down.


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