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May 1, 2017

Since its launch in 2002, Ethiomedia has done its best to presenting accurate and balanced news reports as well as articles aimed at promoting unity and understanding among Ethiopians.

It has been indeed an uphill battle for Ethiomedia because we live in a time when the politics of ethnicity and division is the policy of a government and ruling party that has been in power since 1991.

In our long journey, however, we believe we have emerged as a trusted website as we have never, for the sake of attracting Web traffic, sensationalized news reports, nor have we published falsified news reports, and if we have done unintentionally, we have immediately published corrections and apologized for our errors.

Then, how do you value Ethiomedia as far as serving Ethiopians with available news and information is concerned? If you think Ethiomedia deserves your support, you may send in your donation to the following address as 'money order', 'personal check' etc:

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Abraha Belai, Editor - An African-American news and views website.
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