Arcane articles on Marxism are irrelevant to Ethiopia's current Woes
Letter to the Editor
May 16, 2017

Dear Editor,

I just read more out of bewilderment than interest Andreas Admassie’s reply to DR Mesay Kebede’s article on Marxism on Ethiomedia. I appreciate that some people have enthusiasm about such arcane topics and discussions and good luck to them. But I equally wish these people to understand that most of us cannot care less about such purely academic discussions. It is not that we cannot understand them or we lack the intellectual qualities to grasp these discussions. Rather, we find these discussions irrelevant and waste of time in the face of real-life issues and challenges that cannot be meaningfully addressed through mind-numbing theoretical analysis and debate.

I believe if we have the intellectual rigor and desire for meaningful knowledge, we better put our effort into thinking and endeavours that make real difference in the real world. Those who think that engaging in arcane discussions is the pinnacle of human intellect can do it at the right forum and at the right time. They must respect our view that such purely academic discussions and debates are exercise in futility.

It bewilders me that people think it is useful to debate in the 21st century the real essence of a social theory that attempted to explain society. All we need to know about Marxism and any other social theory is that it is an attempt to explain in one theory something that is infinitely complex. Such attempt is invariably doomed to fail in meeting this grand goal.

I doubt the value of a forum like Ethiomedia hosting articles that are very esoteric. Such discussions serve no real purpose than turning readers away. Most people have better things to do than engaging in debates and discussions that do not in the least help progress any intellectual or practical efforts to address real challenges. No wonder that the job markets for people versed in such purely theoretical disciplines is getting smaller and smaller.

Gideon Kibret
Sydney, Australia - An African-American news and views website.
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